Totem Biomed in short

Totem Biomed has been an active player since its inception in 2017. It keeps a close eye on market changes and the potential for new opportunities, and over the years has broadened its scope to include other areas of illiquid investments across the globe, to which it applies the same key success factors.

Our Strategy

We invest in innovative private early- to mid-stage human Life Science companies that address important medical needs with novel technologies or products backed by compelling science and with differentiated advantages over current treatment options.

Our Investments

Our focus is on North America and European countries. We mostly invest in drug development and in diagnostics and medical technology.

Our Position

The amount we aim to invest over the lifetime of our portfolio companies is up to USD 10 million. TOTEM plays the lead or co-lead investor role structuring the transaction and syndicating with other private capital firms. We don’t want you to change. We’ll help you get there without sacrificing your values.

We invest in Innovative biotechnologies that save lives