About Us


The Company’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in biotechnology and other life sciences companies. Since inception from 2018, Totem Group has been actively involved with early- and growth-stage Biotechnology, Biomedical and Life Science companies, active in the fields of Therapeutics, Medical Technology, Diagnostics, Digital Health and Medical Cannabis companies.


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Who we are

At Totem we act as one, bringing together a unique combination of passionate and committed people, both scientifically highly trained and equipped with strong entrepreneurial DNA, extensive investment experience and company-building skills. Our team consists of both MDs and PhDs and has the proven ability to identify the best investment opportunities, work with well-established entrepreneurs, co-invest with value-adding investors and build long-lasting relationships in the industry.

The investment team is complemented with strong international scientific know-how and business experience through our network of seasoned venture partners as well as with operational and transactional support by a dedicated finance team.

What we do

From our headquarters in Canada, Spain, we are committed to provide outstanding entrepreneurs with the resources required to fund their operations. We proactively source deals and lead or co-lead financing rounds which will typically range from $2 million to $10 million or higher.

To date, we have been a part of great successes and aim to minimize failures. In our view, success always results from a great concept executed by a great team with strong leadership, competence and commitment, plus an enormous amount of hard work and an ounce of luck, the good fortune to be in the right place at right time.

HOW we invest

Totem investment strategy spans over a wide array of company development stages. From early stage to expansion stage to maturity, we fund companies primarily based on their sector, technology, anticipated development timelines and growth rates.

In Biopharmaceuticals, Biomedicals and Medical Cannabis, we mainly focus on the early stages of clinical development and on development activities that lead to a strong clinical proof of concept with the potential to trigger a liquidity event for shareholders. We like investments based on highly innovative technology platforms that allow for the generation of multiple high-value products.

In Medical Technology and Diagnostics, we prefer to invest in companies with product candidates already approaching regulatory approval, or even companies who have launched a first product. As a basis for an investment, it is essential that the technologies and product candidates have strong intellectual property protection and address significant market opportunities.


Providing funding is only one part of our business, long-term commitment and active collaboration being the other. Our role is to offer strategic support to entrepreneurs on a board level while they exercise operational control. Entrepreneurs backed by us have access to the knowledge and advice of each member of the Totem biomed team and to our global scientific and commercial network. Together we are in a position to organize financing rounds, accelerate preclinical and clinical development, regulatory approval processes, and drive successful market entry into the most important healthcare markets in Europe, the North America and Asia.

We know that success does not happen overnight and we are prepared to accompany entrepreneurs for as long as it might take to transform great ideas into great successes and ultimately deliver outstanding results for those we serve – patients, entrepreneurs, and the people and organizations that entrust us with their capital.